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Why Cajoot?

Cajoot is the platform for you to:
Advertise and manage your event spaces effortlessly.
Generate income from your available event spaces and venues easily.
Decide when your available space or venue is advertised.
Receive requests for available event spaces directly from venue hunters.

There are 5 plans you can choose from.
Please go to our Plans & Pricing page.

Manage your Cajoot calendar

Create and manage your event space page.
Let people know when your event space is available by amending your Cajoot calendar.
Very useful if you face a last minute cancelation for your event space. Just go to your Cajoot calendar and make it available again for venue hunters.

Easy payments

Cajoot’s Free Pan is really FREE.
Our Simple Plan starts at £19.99 per month.
There are no hidden costs!
Cajoot is not a broker and doesn’t charge additional fees.