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5 Hipster Wedding Trends For 2019

If you’ve been to a number of weddings in your life, then you’ll realise they haven’t changed much over the years. In fact, large parts of them can seem uninspiring to couples getting married in 2018. Especially if you’re young and looking to make your wedding unique and memorable. Well, if that’s the case, then here’s 5 hipster wedding trends for you to consider.
1. Professional wedding invites
There’s no room for traditional egg-white wedding invites for your guests. It’s time to hire a graphic designer to put together some custom, high-end invitations.
2. Fresh flowers for the bridesmaids
At a hipster wedding, it’s not just the men who have a flower on their jacket. Instead, a common trend is for the bride and bridesmaids to have fresh flower trails weaving through their hair.
3. Ditch the high-end glassware
Alcohol is still a key part of a hipster wedding. But instead of sipping champagne out of crystal champagne flutes, you’ll be drinking cocktails out of plastic cups with straws.
4. Filming your big day
Taking pictures on your big day is too old school for a hipster wedding. Instead, it’s time to break out the new HD recording equipment, put together a compilation of the day, add in some filters and share it on social media afterwards.
5. Getting married in a barn
Saying your vows in a barn is one of the biggest hipster wedding trends around and is a great way to mix things up. Why get married in the same church as your mum and dad? Do something different!
In fact, why stop there? Barns aren’t the only unique location you can choose to spend your big day. Here at Cajoot, we offer a whole host of private wedding venues located all across the UK. If you really want to be hipster and find somewhere unique, then Cajoot is the place to find it. Just click here to get started.


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