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Your wedding will be the most memorable, and special day of your life, so it’s imperative everything is to your taste. Choosing your wedding venue is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will need to make, as it will shape the day and the experiences of everyone there. If you don’t currently have a venue in mind, then here’s a quick look at the UK’s 3 hottest wedding venue trends, expected to continue through 2018.
1. Entering the wilderness
More and more couples are now choosing to get married in a wilderness-themed location. Venues are cropping up where the owners have acres of land surrounded by woodlands where you can set up a stunning ceremony area and outdoor gazebo for the meal and celebrations. Better yet, the variety of rich greens surrounding your wedding are a photographer’s dream, and will allow you to have some truly stunning shots to remember the day.
2. Industrial buildings
This wedding venue trend is altogether a step away from the wilderness, and where city-dwellers have the ability to really make their wedding unique. Large industrial buildings with decorated walls and floors are essentially a blank canvas on which to build your dream wedding. From the wedding ceremony through to the reception, you can decorate your rooms with vibrant lighting arrangements and floral displays. The style of brickwork coupled with bright lights and bespoke displays will make a gorgeous setting for your big day.
3. Winter gardens
Winter garden venues have been increasingly popular in 2017 and this demand is expected to carry on into the new year. They bring you closer to nature, but in a more classy-high end manner than being outside when getting married. These venues tend to bring nature indoors as well, with chandeliers intertwined with roses. Well kept, surrounding grounds are not just a beautiful way to greet your guests, but also couple as fantastic locations to get your wedding shots.
Creating your dream wedding in 2018 means being creative and artistic in your wants and desires. There is no need to settle for the traditional venues of the past, and instead, you have the chance to craft your own unique wedding with a setting of your choice. If you are a lover of nature, then go all out with your dream woodland wedding, or if you prefer the rugged beauty of the city, then seek a blank premise with which to design your own bespoke venue.


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