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10 Things to Consider When Searching For A Conference Venue In A Different City

Searching for a conference venue in different city can be a stressful experience. Especially If it is your job to organise, not just the venue, but also the catering, parking and everything else! Well, it’s time to relax and take things one step at a time. Get started by asking yourself these 10 very simple questions. It will help make the entire venue seeking process much easier.
1. How many people will be attending?
First off, start by getting a solid idea of how many people you expect to be attending the conference. This makes searching for a venue far easier as it narrows down which places will be suitable. You don’t need an exact number, but as accurate as possible will be useful.
2. How long will you need the venue for?
Will you need the venue for a whole day, or maybe just a few hours? Some venues will require you to hire an area for the entire day, but some venues are more flexible. Or maybe you will need it for a few days or more.
3. How will everyone be arriving?
Think critically about how all of the attendees will be arriving to the venue. The last thing you want to do is book a venue with poor public transport links and then have a rush to find vehicles to carry everyone to the venue. However, if everyone will be driving, you know you will then need to find a venue with suitable parking.
4. Where will people be staying?
How long will the conference be going on for and will everyone need to find suitable accommodation? If it’s a multi-day event, then you should find a venue that either offers on-site rooms or one that has suitable hotels nearby. If this is the case, also look at the cost of these local hotels and decide who will be paying for these.
5. What are the catering arrangements?
If you’re planning a conference in a different city, then sorting out food and drinks should be one of your highest priorities. Exactly what you need to provide will depend largely on how long the conference is and how long it will be on for each day. If you’re trying to keep things cheap, then consider catering yourself. You will just need to ensure the venue allows this. Many venues require you to use only their catering services.
6. Precisely what facilities will you need?
Conferences come in all different shapes and sizes. Think critically and get a solid idea of any facilities you’ll require. Such as a large function room and outdoor space. Also, ensure any venues you consider provide suitable bathroom facilities.
7. What is your budget?
It is easy to overspend when planning a conference in an unfamiliar city. So, you should set a budget early on and then stick to it from the start. But be realistic. If the city you’re hosting in is London, for example, then it will require possible twice the budget you’d spend in your own local city.
8. Will you require staff?
You may be accustomed to receiving staff help when you host local conferences. However, not all cities and venues offer this service as standard. So, if you do require staff then decide how many and be sure to ask venues specifically about this. They likely won’t factor this into their initial price.
9. How much space do you require for your equipment?
Be realistic when you think about any equipment you expect to take with you to the conference. If you have a lot of staging equipment, for example, then you’ll need to plan for a venue that can facilitate this. You’ll need somewhere with wide corridors, high ceilings and suitable lifts to help you get everything into place.
10. Are there any local regulations you need to abide by?
If you’re crossing into another county, or even another country, then you might find that the local rules and regulations differ greatly than to what you are used to. For example, the venues might require you to hold certain levels of insurance in order to legally host an event. Or, there might be restrictions on what vehicles can enter the city. Be sure to research your city closely and also speak to the venue owners.
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