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Make Some Extra Money By Renting Your Outdoor Space This Summer

As the summer months approach, and you have expensive holidays to pay for, its the perfect time to start looking for ways to make some extra cash. Well, with the warmer weather coming around, late spring and early summer offer a unique way to make money from something you already own. We’re talking about your outdoor space.
What sort of space do you mean?
The sorts of places that people will happily pay you money for are well-located and well decorated outdoor areas such as the following:
– Balconies
– Terraces
– Rooftops
– Garden areas
If you have such a space and it is well looked after, with great views or a peaceful setting, then you could, in fact, have a nice money-maker going unused. Here’s how …
Who wants to rent my outdoor space?
Finding venues for events and garden parties is getting harder and harder, and people do not want to have to pay over the odds for a large hall or venue they don’t need. At the same time, people are always looking for unique and quirky places to host their events. So, if your space has any of the following attributes, then it could be in high demand from all sorts of people:
– It’s spacious
– It’s well decorated
– It has lots of sunlight
– It’s peaceful
– It’s situated in a busy city
– It’s quirky
From yoga classes to after-work drinks and from seminars to book clubs, people could be looking for your outdoor space to host all sorts of events. And there’s one place, in particular, they are looking to find you on …
Enter Cajoot
Cajoot is a brand new site that brings together venue hunters and venue owners with unique and inspiring locations that are going unused. You simply sign up and input all the details about the space you would like to rent. Then, people can find you through the site and will contact you directly if they are interested in organising an event there. Better yet, you have complete freedom in setting your available dates and pricing. Once done, you can just sit back and watch as orders start to roll in.
So, what are you waiting for? Get started today.


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