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Become An Entrepreneur Today By Renting Out Your Private Venue

With the internet at our fingertips, becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier. Better yet, innovative new services like Cajoot allow you to make an extra income without even leaving your home.

If you have a desirable garden, as well as space inside your home, then there’s no reason why you can’t make extra income by renting this area out. Are you interested in finding out more? Well, just keep reading …

Making proper use of your space
With urban areas becoming ever-more crowded, more and more people are looking to hire out unique and inspiring spaces for their events. From weddings to birthday parties, and anniversaries to awards ceremonies, people are always in need of a location to host from.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a 5-star listed building in the country, but instead, you can be creative with the area you own. This is particularly true if your property offers something unique. Does your garden or home have any of these features?

– It is large and well decorated
– It is situated in or near a built-up city
– You have great transport links
– It can easily be transformed and decorated
– You have hosted large parties there before

Turning your space into a venue
If your garden area and home have more than one of the features above, then it could easily be a desirable private venue. You just need to be creative and think about things like, how many people it could fit and what sort of events would it be best suited to.

It may be a great spot for an outdoor summer wedding, or it may be perfectly located for hosting large night-time celebrations. Just think of which route you’d like to take and then head to the next step.

Get started with Cajoot
Cajoot is an innovative new solution for private venue owners looking to rent out their venue. You simply create an account here and fill out all the information required.

Cajoot then handles the rest. We help venue hunters to find your property when they are searching for a venue for their upcoming event. You just need to be waiting and ready for when the enquiries come through.

You can fully customise your venue profile and regularly update your pricing structure and availability. You could then go a step further and be an event manager from your home as well. Being able to start a business from home really has never been easier.


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