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A go-to guide for throwing your child the best birthday party ever!
For your child, each and every birthday is incredibly special, and is a great chance for them to have fun with their friends. But of course, it is up to mum and dad to make sure the party is truly unforgettable and will leave a lasting impression. Well, luckily for you, there are some rules to follow to help make each birthday the best one ever. Here’s our 3-step approach.
Think pre-party
Before your child’s party even begins, it’s important to start building up the excitement! That way, when the big day rolls around, everyone turns up eager and ready. It will also help make your child the centre of attention at school a little longer which, lets face it, all kids seem to love! Here’s some top tips for helping you do exactly this …
– Make the invites exciting!
Make each one individual to each child, by including their name. Then, make sure the invite is colourful and contains images. Better yet, leave a little teaser like “there’s a secret surprise at the end”.
– Get the parents involved
All parents want their kids to have a good time, so spread the word about the party and make sure they know what the plan is. This helps to make sure everyone turns up on time and with everything they need.
– Start off early
Below, we talk a bit more about what it takes to run a great party. But the best thing you can do is get started early, leaving it just a week or 2 before is simply not enough time.
On the day
Of course, to help make sure your child has the best birthday party ever, you need to make sure that there is a certain activity, or multiple activities, that are unique and exciting. Here’s some of our top party ideas:
– Ice skating
– Go-karting (age-dependent)
– An at home party with party games and activities
– A cookery class
– A Woodland activity centres (check out Go Ape)
– Abseiling and rock climbing
– A treasure hunt
– A science show
– A trip to the zoo
– Sledging and skiing
– A bush craft experience
Once you’ve decided on the given activity, it’s time to spice things up a little, here are a few ideas to spark your creativity …
– Set a fancy dress theme
– Let the kids make their own food, like baking personalised pizzas
– Bring in a face painter (this works for most party ideas)
– Switch up locations. If you sort out some transport, you can have the party celebration at a different spot to the location of the main activity.
– Dress up yourself! Get involved in the fun, just try not to embarrass your child too much …
And finally, what really makes a party run smoothly is putting in time to properly prepare. If you’re tackling the task on your own then, it will definitely be rewarding, but there’s certainly a lot to do. Here are some of our top tips for keeping everything running to plan:
– Set a budget early on and be strict in sticking to it
– Decide on the venue and book as early as possible
– Set a date and check first with other parents before issuing invites
– Set a time duration for the party. Children under 5 only need an hour or 2, and those older will still be wiped out after 3 to 4
– Create to-do lists and use them to help you stay organised
– Speak to your child and the teacher to help make sure you don’t miss anyone out
– Enlist some help either from your partner or other parents
– Have a plan in place in case of any emergencies
Post-party joy
In the same way that pre-party preparation is important, so is the post-party preparation! When you’re kid goes back to school after their party, you want to make sure their friends are still talking about how great the day was. But how do you do this?
Give out party packages!
This is a crucial step for ending your child’s party on a high. Kids can then open that on the way home, and the next day, and be reminded by how much of a great time they had. Here’s the sorts of things each bag should contain:
– Cake (obviously!)
– Small toys
– Sweets
– A “thank you for coming” card
– A puzzle
– A picture from the day (try and use an instant-print camera for this)
– Party hat
BONUS STEP: Get started with Cajoot
It can be hard finding the perfect location for your child’s party, and also quite expensive! But worry no longer as Cajoot is here! We’ve sourced a variety of private venues all across the UK. Some are big, some are small and some fit nicely in between! As such, there’s something for everyone. Find out more and get started finding the perfect location by clicking here.


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