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10 Tips For Making Your Weddings Different To Everybody Else’s

Your wedding is meant to be the best day of your life. And what’s so great about planning your own wedding is that it’s completely up to you what you want. Your big day doesn’t have to be the same as anyone else’s and you have the freedom to include anything personal to you. So, if you’re looking for inspiration and trying to find some ways to help make your weddings stand out as unique, here are our top 10 tips.
1. Hand make all of your invites
You can spot standard computer-printed wedding invites a mile off. Sure, they look fancy but they’re not really unique. Instead, you can opt for hand making all of your invites and then personalising each one. Just a few heartfelt words on each one will go a surprisingly long way.
2. Don’t go for the typical white cake
Quirky wedding cakes are an ever-more popular wedding trend and a fantastic way to make your wedding stand out. Think about which ingredients you love most and what things you and your partner enjoy doing or watching. How about a Friends cake filled peanut butter and chocolate?
3. Who said your dress had to be white either?!
The bride will naturally be the focal point of the wedding, and rightly so! And, with all eyes on you and your dress, feel free to wear what you want, not what tradition states. Or if you still like the idea of a big wedding gown, dye it whatever colours you like and make it vibrant.
4. Remember, it’s up to you to style the bridesmaids and groomsmen
Similarly, as the bride and groom, you have the choice of what your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear. Do away with the gowns and suits and create some styles that will make them stand out as well. Best of all, no matter what you decide on, they can’t say no!
5. Head oversees
If you have the budget and know plenty of guests who can make it, then why not host your wedding overseas? It can be hard to guarantee great weather in the UK. As such, by heading somewhere close, like Spain or France, your chances of having a hot summer wedding instantly quadruple.
6. Getting to and from the wedding
Plenty of people have gone for the horse and carriage and vintage wedding car, so it’s time to mix things up. How about arriving in kitted out Volkswagen Campervan or even a Vesper moped? That would certainly stick in your guest’s minds for a long time to come.
7. Customise your dance routine
The first dance is another great focal point of your wedding. So, go all out and choreograph your own custom dance routine. Feel free to combine video footage as well to up the ante further. And finally, rather than sticking to just one song, create a mashup of all of your favourite tracks?
8. Say no to the fancy set meal
5-course meals have been done plenty of times before. And anyway, they can be so expensive! How about renting some food trucks which serve all of your favourite dishes and desserts? Or, you could go for a BBQ. Failing this, hire out a local restaurant and have everyone head there after the ceremony.
9. Did somebody say “drinking games”?
If you’re the sort of couple that likes the sound of a post-wedding party, then how about some drinking games? Beer pong is a much-loved favourite and can be played by guests of all ages (18+ of course). Just try not to get these started too early on, or some guests might not make it till the end of the night!
10. Seek out a private venue
The most popular local venues tend to book up months in advance, and rightly so as they can be lovely. But there’s nothing wrong with hosting yours somewhere that is privately owned and less well-publicised. That way, none of your guests will know what to expect as they can’t research the location beforehand. But how do you find such venues?
Enter Cajoot …
Here at Cajoot, we work with private venue owners all across the UK. Some venues owners have small properties designed for more intimate events. Whereas others have large garden areas and plenty of inside space. This makes them the perfect place to host a wedding that can be customised completely by you. Better yet, because they are not so widely known, they are far cheaper than traditional venues. You can find out more by starting your search here ….


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