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5 Art Gallery Event Ideas That Everyone Will Love!
Everyone likes being a part of an event that is exciting and unique. As such, there is high demand amongst those looking for unique locations to host an event. Well, have you ever considered an art gallery? With a small amount of effort, you can quickly transform an art gallery into the perfect location to host all kinds of events.
Which events are best suited to art galleries?
Here are our top 5 favourite suggestions …
1. Fundraisers
An art gallery is the perfect informal location for your guests to wander around and to casually discuss your fundraising efforts in a warm friendly environment.
2. Yoga classes
Why not! Get the mats out and host your next yoga class at an art gallery. There is no risk to the surrounding art and the mute colour schemes often make for a calming place to practice.
3. Networking events
Networking can be an awkward ordeal for many. However, by hosting the event in an art gallery, you open up the topics of discussion and the various piece of art make for much more interesting conversation starters.
4. Awards evenings
Art galleries can be made to feel like very prestigious locations. As such, they are great for hosting awards ceremonies where those being honoured feel much more highly valued.
5. Product launch event
If your company is launching a new product, then why not invite along any reporters or advisors to an art gallery for the launch? There will be space for your announcements and then a nice informal atmosphere for any discussions and mingling afterward.
Other top tips for hosting an event at an art gallery
Be sure to make proper use of all the art. Don’t hide it away behind marketing material or banners. Instead, keep it on show and embrace the surroundings of the room.

Consider lighting. The lighting you go for will really set the scene. Try to keep things well lit, but also create a nice sense of ambiance of peace by not overdoing it.

Find out how far you can go! Speak to the venue owner and make sure you’re allowed to do everything you need. Such as eating or drinking.

Think practicality regarding space. You and your guests don’t want to feel hemmed in like sheep, so make sure there’s still plenty of room for everyone.

Of course, leave time to admire the surroundings. Both before and after the event, make sure there is plenty of time for guests to admire the pieces in the gallery.

Finding an art gallery for your next event
Perhaps the trickiest part is finding the perfect art gallery to host your bespoke event. Art galleries can vary greatly in size, and many will only offer certain services. Luckily for you, Cajoot is here to help. We work with venue owners all over the UK to help bring unique and creative venues to the masses. To find out more and to see what’s really on offer, start your search here.


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