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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning This Year’s Office Christmas Party

Organizing the office Christmas party is an important task and most people fall short and fail to deliver by making simple mistakes that could easily be avoided. So, to help make sure everything goes smoothly, here are the 10 biggest mistakes to avoid when planning an office Christmas party.
1. Failing to set a budget early on!
Like when organising any party, the costs can soon spiral out of control. To avoid this, you need to agree a budget early on and then be aware of it at all times.
2. Not getting enough food
Free food is one of the best parts of an office Christmas party, so don’t let people down. Depending on your budget, you could go for a hearty buffet or a civilised 3 course meal.
3. Not providing entertainment
People want to be entertained at the party. And no, that doesn’t mean having the boss do 20 minutes of stand up! Hire in a professional comedian or get a live band.
4. Having work the next day!
If everyone has work the next day, then they don’t have anywhere near as much fun the night of the party. So set it for a date when everyone can have a nice lie in to recover.
5. Selling out to sponsors
Many people bring in sponsors to help offset the cost of the office Christmas party. But this can be seen as tacky and may also require you to announce the sponsor or allow a small talk.
6. Not setting a dress code
You don’t want some people in shorts and t-shirt, whilst others are in their finest dining clothes. Instead, decide on a dress code and make everyone aware of it. Why not give fancy dress a go?
7. Doing it all yourself
Planning the office Christmas party is a difficult task and one that should not be tackled alone. Bring in at least a few others to help plan and organise. This will also help you to have much more fun as well!
8. Not thinking about booze
There are 4 key things to consider when it comes to office Christmas parties and alcohol:
1. Make sure there’s enough
2. Make sure there’s a good variety
3. Make sure it’s reasonably priced
4. Make sure everyone knows where the limit is!
9. Hiring a venue that is too small
The office Christmas party is a time to unwind, dance, socialise and have fun. Nobody wants to be crammed up in each other faces all night. So make sure you draw up a list of guests before starting your search for a venue.
10. Holding it at the office
Come on, really? The Christmas party is a chance to forget about work and have fun! So make sure you include room in your budget to hire out a nice venue that everyone will love.
At Cajoot we offer a wide array of exclusive venues situated all across the UK. The perfect way to help you find the best location for this year’s office Christmas party! So, to get ahead on your planning, start your search by clicking here.


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