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8 Awesome Tips For Hosting The Best Halloween Party Ever

Everyone loves a good Halloween party! Especially one filled with spooky decorations, haunting music and plenty of delightfully dubious food to eat. But if you’re new to hosting or are looking to up the ante this year’s party, then you’re going to need some help. So, here are 8 awesome tips for hosting the best Halloween party ever …
1. It’s all in the decorations
Halloween is the perfect time to go crazy with decorations. As a rule of thumb, you can never have too many cobwebs, candles and bats lingering in the corners!
2. Feed your guests well
Halloween party food has to be the most fun to make! But with so many treats to choose from, we couldn’t possibly list them all here. Instead, we recommend checking outthis awesome ideas gallery. “Mummy Brie” has to be our favourite!
3. Make the dress code clear
If you really want to make it a truly amazing Halloween party, you need to make it clear that you want all guests to dress up. So be clear in stating that everyone must put effort into their costume and show up in something spooky.
4. Have a costume contest
A great way to get everyone excited about dressing up is to host a costume contest. Give out prizes to the overall winners of whichever categories you decide. Such as Men’s, Women’s and Children’s.
5. Send out invites
To get the fun started early, send out invites to everyone. It has a much more personal feel, rather than just creating a Facebook Group! If you really want to put in the effort, here’s some invite inspiration.
6. Don’t forget the BOOze (get it?)
If it’s an adult Halloween party, then don’t forget to create some ghoulishly tasty alcoholic beverages to sample. How about some Zombie Apocalypses and Winona Wallbangers?
7. Get your playlist sorted
Your guests are going to want the classic Halloween tracks to help make their evening as fun-filled as possible. Stick to the good ol’ classics here, such as Thriller, This Is Halloween and Monster Mash. For more inspiration, here’s a useful guide.
8. Sort out the venue
Depending on how many people will be coming to your party, you need to decide on a suitable space. If it’s a friends and family affair, then your home might be enough. But if you’re limited on room, then why not rent out a bespoke venue for the night?
Here at Cajoot, we offer private venues for hire all across the UK. Check out our search tool today, to help find a space perfectly suited to your needs and budget.


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