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Here’s a quick question … How often do you use your swimming pool? Like most people in the UK, chances are you use your pool 4 or 5 times a year. For the rest of the time, it remains covered up, unused and costing you money. Well, have you ever thought about hiring your pool out to people and making a little extra cash?
Sure you have!
But the problem is knowing how to find people who are interested in hiring your pool and then knowing what is a good price to charge. Well, hold tight and keep reading. We’re going to take you through a quick and easy process of listing your pool for people to find and then making more money this year and beyond. First up …
Who might be interested in hiring your pool?
Private pool hire is very popular amongst people who are hosting some sort of party or celebration. Having a pool is a great way to liven up a party and to help everyone have a great time. Typical events include:
● Birthdays
● Anniversaries
● Graduation celebrations
● Farewell parties
● Welcome home parties
If you are interested in hiring your pool for events like this, it typically helps to have some extra space around the pool where they can have suitable seating and even a barbecue. This is completely up to you and based on the space you have available.
Another great market for private UK pool hire is those using it for weekly recreational use. Yes, they can go to public swimming pools, but there are a number of downsides to doing so. Private pools are better because …
● They tend to be far less crowded
● They are great for those who are uncomfortable about swimming around others
● They work well if you have a disability and need plenty of personal space
Other popular clients are therapists who offer weekly hydrotherapy sessions to small groups of elderly or disabled clients. Hiring a private pool is usually much more affordable and practical as opposed to a 25 metre long public swimming pool!
How much could you earn?
This will depend largely on the size of your pool and whether or not you are happy to rent out the rest of your garden. Roughly speaking, for just a small pool you could charge anywhere from £30 and upwards per hour, or around £200 for a full day in the Summer.
What is the best way to find people to hire your pool?
A great place to start is to speak to friends and relatives and spread the world in your local community. Beyond this, it’s best to use a listing site that allows people from anywhere in the UK to find your private pool and contact you. Luckily enough this is a service that we now offer at Cajoot! Hiring your pool through Cajoot is great for a few reasons! Such as:
● You maintain complete control over who you hire to
● You set the pricing
● You can change availability to suit your own timetable
● You only pay a small fixed monthly fee, as opposed to a large commission for each and every booking
To find out more and to get started today, you can check out our sign up page here.


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