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5 Pro Tips On How To Throw An Epic Adult Birthday Party
There’s a lot that goes into throwing a truly epic party, and we’ve discussed this a bit before in our previous Halloween guide and children’s birthday party guide. But if you’re planning an adult birthday party and want to know the secrets to success, then we believe it comes down to 5 key areas.

1. It’s all in the venue
The venue is the cornerstone of any great party. Hosting at home is a good idea if you have plenty of space both inside and outside for guests. However, if you really want to take things up a level, then hiring a large venue is your best option. It allows you far more freedom in terms of how many people you can invite, how you decorate the venue and any 3rd party entertainment you bring in. Speaking of which …

2. Think outside the box with the entertainment
For a typical birthday party, most people bring in a DJ of some sort and then jazz up the venue with banners and balloons. This is fine, but if you really want to make the party memorable, then it’s time to think outside the box. Such as creating an entire casino theme and hiring a company to bring in blackjack and roulette tables. Other quirky ideas include hosting a mini-olympic tournament or even a murder mystery night.

3. Get creative with the drinks
Ideally, you want to source a venue that allows you to sort out your own drinks. That way, you have greater freedom over what your guests can drink. You can even bring in professional bar staff who can design and prepare a set range of cocktails for your guests. In turn, you can order in a mass amount of spirits and cocktail ingredients and offer a free bar for everyone to enjoy.

4. Get everyone dressed up
Having a theme is always a good idea as it requires guests to put in real effort prior to attendendance. It increases how much everyone is committed to the event and is a lot of fun. Even opting for a classy suit and tie theme will add to the evening’s appeal. Or better yet, make it a fancy dress event around a set theme that relates closely to the birthday man or woman.

5. Pay extra attention to the playlist
Music is a crucial aspect for hosting any great adult birthday party. However, it is one that is oftentimes ignored. Rather than putting together a few songs and playing them on loop, think carefully about not only which songs you will play, but also when. Start the evening off with chilled out songs before ramping up the party tunes as the night gets well underway and the drinks start flowing.

As you can see, much of the party’s success will come down to which venue you choose to host your party. Here at Cajoot, we pride ourselves on offering some of the UK’s most unique and inspiring event venues; designed to suit parties of all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re up in Leeds, London or anywhere else in the UK, you should check out our awesome listings here.