Introducing Cajoot to venue owners and private home owners

Spread the love is a platform for venue owners as well as private home owners to advertise available event spaces for parties, weddings, seminar, master classes, supper classes, photo shoots, popup shops, lessons and more!

Our aim is to democratise the event space and to match venue hunters directly with venue owners. Our platform simplify the search for venues as only available spaces are made public on Cajoot.

Who can advertise on Cajoot?
Every one who wants to genereate income by hiring out a space for events
Everyone who has a commercial or private space/venue and would like to genereate income by hiring out a space for events from parties to seminars, weddings, photo shoots, master classes, supper clubs or popup shops. . .

What’s in it for you?
– Generate income from your available event spaces/venues easily.
– Decide when your available space or venue is advertised.
– Receive requests only for available event spaces directly from
venue hunters.
– No booking fees.

How it works?
1. Sign up here or go to Add your venue
2. Put in a few simple details such as your location, pricing for your venue
and pictures.
3. Let people know when your event space is available by amending your
Cajoot calendar.
3. Sit back and wait for the requests.

The Cajoot calendar is an effective tool for managing last minute cancellations of your venue/event space. Just go to your Cajoot calendar and make it available again for venue hunters!

Cajoot was born in London and made by venue hunters.