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The UK is a nation of foodies, but have you ever thought about using your culinary abilities to generate extra income? Supper clubs and cooking master classes are growing in popularity, so if you’ve got kitchen skills and a business brain to match, you could soon be bringing home the bacon by hosting your own events. Here are just 5 tips to consider, to get you started.

1. Stand out
What will make your supper club or master class stand out? It’s often best to keep things simple by doing fewer dishes but doing them really well. You could stick to a ‘Best of British’ theme, an authentic taste of India or fine dining with some French classics. Whatever cuisine you choose, make sure you know your dishes by heart.

2. Vary the guest list
If you’re hosting an event, use close friends and family as guinea pigs for a couple of trial runs. That way you can find out what works and where there’s room for improvement before you start advertising more widely. Once you’re happy, you can advertise via social media. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends, but make sure your guests pay up front to avoid no-shows and food waste.

3. Hire a venue
Some people will want to host their events at home, but others will choose to hire a kitchen and venue. If you find a venue on Cajoot, for instance, you can get somewhere which has the right atmosphere and customise it to your heart’s content. It’s often much less stressful than cooking big feasts in your own home, and a good meal is as much about the setting as the food.

4. Use local and seasonal ingredients
People are much more conscious about the air miles which have gone into their food, and exotic imports might put some people off. Where you can, source local and seasonal ingredients and tell people that’s what you’re doing. There’s no underestimating how much value diners will put on your green credentials.

5. Call in some favours
We all love a good freebie, and the more you can lay hands on the better. You could get a drinks brand on board and wrangle a few bottles from them, in exchange for promoting them on your social media channels and a little subtle showcasing at your event. The same could go for ingredients or decorations.

Supper clubs and cooking master classes are a great way to have fun and earn a little on the side. Find the right theme, the right food, the right venue and above all, enjoy yourself!