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Press Release

In order to help small and independent businesses gain extra revenue this Christmas and New Year, online venue advertising platform, Cajoot, is offering them a free option to showcase their property for festive season parties and get-togethers.

Despite it being a busy shopping time, some smaller businesses can struggle with cashflow over the Christmas period owing to having to pay commercial rents on four specific ‘quarter’ days a year – one of which falls on December 25th – as well as slower payments from customers who may also be cash strapped during and after this period.

Cajoot is now allowing venue owners such as independent cafes and restaurants to list their space for free indefinitely from now, as well as upload two images to help promote it.

Alexandra Hoppe, who set up and runs the site, said she had changed the platform’s pricing structure to give more high street businesses a leg up when attracting revenue by holding parties for the family, friends or for a work do.

“It’s an opportunity to get themselves out there for free and help them bring in much needed revenue during a period where lots of people, whether family, friends or colleagues, are looking for places to hold parties or private festive celebrations.

“We are all aware that the high street, in particularly small independent business owners, are struggling with rent rises and online competition and this could help them do more business and make some extra money,” she said.

Cajoot works by giving food and drink proprietors – as well as private homeowners – an extra revenue stream by allowing them to directly list venues online where venue hunters can easily find them.

It differs from its competitors based on its pricing structure, which is subscription instead of commission-based and lets hirers identify venues and their availability clearly on an online calendar system.

Alexandra explained: “Other companies can charge in the region of 7-20% commission to list a venue, which is quite a lot for a small operation. We have no hidden costs, it’s simple and straightforward and only venues with availability are made public. There are also no booking fees. It’s also an effective tool for managing last minute cancellations of your venue as owners can just go back on their calendar and indicate it immediately as available again.”

She thought of the idea when having difficulty making bookings for an event for a company she was working for at the time and saw there was a gap in the market for a website which could do just this simply, easily and cost-effectively for both venue and home owners, as well as those looking to hire event space.

Other plans with more ‘add-ons’ are also available for owners with bigger budgets.

For more information, go to: https://www.cajoot.com/en/venue