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With each year that passes, weddings become bigger and better with more opportunity for couples to express themselves and throw the ultimate celebration with their friends and families. In the past, many different ideas for tying the knot have swept the nation, right from destination weddings to photo booths that let guests take pictures with a range of wacky accessories. 2020 is no different, of course, and we’ve put together some of the key wedding trends that are already on the horizon for the year ahead.

1. The Green Theme
With activists young and old speaking out about climate change, it’s no surprise that an eco-friendly wedding is the way to go this year. This might mean opting for reusable and sustainable dining and decorating materials or selecting locally sourced food to reduce your carbon footprint. You can incorporate this emphasis on the natural world into your reception venue, as well, with an outdoor space that is filled with flowers and trees. Consider opting for a summer location with wide, open landscaped grounds or even an indoor botanical garden if you are planning a wedding in the autumn or winter.

2. A Relaxed Vibe
Individuality and self-expression have become increasingly encouraged with each decade and the ’20s are all about embracing that spirit in your wedding. Whether it’s an unconventional dress colour or a BBQ cookout instead of a sit-down reception meal, there’s no wedding rule that can’t be broken now. The same premise goes for your event space, which doesn’t have to be the traditional British manor house. On the contrary, this year is all about shaking it up and opting for a place that really speaks to you as a couple, whether that’s a basement pub or a converted warehouse that is ideal for hours of dancing.

3. Unconventional Cakes
The wedding cake cutting ceremony is a timeless one, but even this tradition is being repurposed in 2020. In recent years, people have been deviating from fruit cake and white tiered icing to try chocolate, vanilla, and other flavours. However, 2020 is the year of truly bold choices, and wedding cake bakers are preparing to try their hand at creating a range of wild and bespoke requests. This creativity and innovation also applies to the type of cake, and nothing is too unconventional this year. Some couples might opt for cupcakes, which are already perfectly portioned for guests to select one. In order to quickly and easily find a venue for your 2020 wedding or beyond, visit Cajoot today and use our search tool to locate the perfect location to say ‘I do.’